Student Life


Pullman Students

Truly International Flight Academy

Students from all over the World come to earn their commercial licenses in Florida. And for a very good reason.


"Students from all over the World come to fly in Florida. It's the fastest and most economically efficiant way to achieve their goals"

Aerocadet is an Asian aviation training specialist. But we have students not only from this region. Our guys and girls come from Indonesia, India, China, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, Nigeria and many other countries. They are all driven by one goal: to achieve their target of becoming a professional aviator in the most advanced flight training climate in the World, get their licenses within the quickest period possible, improve their English and, with all that in mind, not breake their bank.

So, out student body motto is: "ONE GOAL - ONE TEAM".


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"Are all genders welcome?"

At Aerocadet we are "gender and race blind". Meaning that we will never give priority treatment to anyone based on the color of their skin or their gender. All students are equally welcome and encouraged to join.

At the moment, there is an approximate ratio of 15% females to 85% males at our training base.

Over 90% of our students are from Asia and Midle East.


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Living Environment

"How do students live and work?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA Most student live and work at the Ormond Beach regional aiport, located only a few miles from the Atlantic Ocean coastline. Student enjoy the following facilities at their accommodation and flight center:

qualifications Air conditioning
qualifications Fully-furnished apartments in a high-standard apartment complex
qualifications Close proximity to the beach (about 3 miles)
qualifications Close proximity to large shopping centers (less then 1 mile)
qualifications Company-provided transportation and parking
qualifications Close proximity to bars, nigh clubs and restaurants or Daytona Beach
qualifications Close proximity to famous Orlando theme parks (30-50 miles)


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"How long will it take me to get to the 'TOP'?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA All students work as a team and often organize study groups to help each other to understand and memorize the important theoretical study materials, support each other's knowledge, share experience and motivate each other to succeed. With a strong team like that, you will quickly become a part of a strong pilot fraternity, bonds of which will last for a life-time and provide valuable grounds for the professional networking and employment referrals.


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