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"What are your general enrollment requirements"

Flight training in the US is one of the most user-friendly and efficient way to gain your commercial pilot license and start your professional aviation career. At Aerocadet, we want to keep it that way. Our purpose here is to ensure that all students get a chance to try their hand in the commercial or private aviation training and use the learning curve to self-determine their dedication to this profession, ability to succeed and complete the course within a projected time and budget. But all applicants must understand, that the aviation training, no matter how open and accessible it became over the last decade, is still a highly intense and demanding line of work, where pilots must possess all the same qualities: discipline, attention to detail, ability to multi-task, ability to learn fast and make sound and correct quickly.

More and over, in order to achieve your flight crew licenses, all students must be able to speak, read and write in English language. This requirement is NOT unique to the US or any other English speaking country. It is a requirements applicable to ALL ICAO-regulated countries, including most aviation authorities in Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Thailand and many other Asian countries.

From 2009, all aircraft operators flying in the ICAO airspace are required to pass ICAO English Level 4 exam and show full proficiency operating radio equipment in English language.

Finally, your health is a big player in the ability to obtain your pilot license certification. Any pilot must be free of any disqualifying medical conditions (see list here) and be in good general physical shape.

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"How well do I need to speak English in order to enroll?"

In general, all level of English will be considered for enrollment into Non-professional training programs, such as PPL. However, you must appreciate the fact, that if you can not understand your flight or ground instructor, he or she will not be able to transfer the knowledge to you and the learning process will not take place. Therefore, we want you to have at least the following English proficiency levels for PPL:

arrow General level "Upper Intermediate" or higher
arrow Be able to converse in English without much difficulty
arrow Be able to read and write in English


For enrollement into Airline Pilot program (with internship) and Commercial Pilot program (without internship), students will be required to pass either “IELTS General” (recommended) or “TOEFL” test or "TOEIC" test in order to qualify for F-1 academic student visa. The table of accepted, required and desired scores is displayed below:

Test /


50 underst.
50 speech
16 underst.
16 speech
15 underst.
15 speech
5.5 400


54 underst.
56 speech
20 underst.
22 speech
70 G.S.
19 underst.
22 speech
6.5 600


635 О.Б.
60 underst..
60 speech
240 G.S.
25 underst.
24 speech
90 G.S.
26 underst.
26 speech
7.5 780



"Upper Intermediate" – it is the minimum level acceptable for the enrollment into Airline Pilot and Commercial Pilot programs. If you get this score, you may be required to undergo additional English language classes at the academy before you can start flight training phase of your program.


"Аdvanced Level" - this is a medium score acceotable for enrollment. If you get this score, you may or may not be required to undergo additional English language classes at the academy before you can start flight training phase of your program.


"Expert Level" - this is a desired score for enrollment. If you get this score, you will not be required to undergo additional English language classes at the academy before you start flight training phase of your program, and you will be admitted to take the ICAO-4 "Operational" aviation English exam immediately after arrival.



"underst" - understanding

"G.S." - general score



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"How healthy do I need to be in order to start my flight training?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA In general, most healthy adults are able to obtain the FAA, DGCA and DCA class 1 medical (the highest required medical for the airline pilots). However, there are some specific requirements and disqualifying conditions that you must consider before starting your application.



arrow Have a Distant visual acuity of 20/20 or better in each eye separately, with or without corrective lenses.
arrow Have a Near vision of 20/40 or better, corrected or uncorrected.
arrow Ability to perceive those colors necessary for the safe performance of airman duties.
arrow Have a Normal fields of vision.
arrow Have No acute or chronic pathological condition of either eye or adnexa.
arrow Heterophoria must not exceed 1 prism diopter of hyperphoria, 6 prism diopters of esophoria, or 6 prism diopters of exophoria and show no evidence of diplopia or serious eye pathology



arrow Must have no acute or chronic disease without disturbance of equilibrium and successful miringotomy, if applicable
arrow Must have no Acute or chronic disease that may disturb equilibrium
arrow Must not have Acoustic Neuroma
arrow Must be able to hear sounds from both ears and individually within the following rage:
Hearing Requirements



arrow Blood pressure must be within the normal limits and not exceed:
  arrow 155 Systolic
  arrow 95 Diastolic
(unmedicated or medicated)


arrow Cholesterol in blood must not exceed:
  arrow 240
(unmedicated or medicated)



arrow Content of glucose (sugar) in urine must not exceed
  arrow 0.8 mmol/l (15 mg/dl)
(unmedicated or medicated)



arrow All pilots over the age of 35 must pass the ECG (electrocardiogramme)



arrow Frequent or severe headaches
arrow Dizziness or fainting spells
arrow Unconsciousness for any reason
arrow Eye or vision trouble except glasses
arrow Asthma or lung disease
arrow Heart or vascular trouble
arrow Stomach, liver, or intestinal trouble
arrow Kidney stone or blood in urine
arrow Diabetes
arrow Neurological disorders; epilepsy, seizures, stroke, paralysis, etc
arrow Mental disorders of any sort; depression, anxiety, etc.
arrow Substance dependence; or failed a drug test ever; or substance abuse or use of illegal substance in the last 2 years
arrow Alcohol dependence or abuse
arrow Motion sickness requiring medication
arrow Any other serious injury or surgery preventing normal operation of an aircraft


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"What academic certificates do I need to have in order to enroll?"

The FAA, DGCA or DCA do not have any particular requirements for the level of education of a pilot in order to be eligible for the issuance of any level of pilot license, except for the ATP license. This is because pilot's ability to pass the aeronautical knowledge exams implies that he is at least a high school graduate. ATP exams require a much deeper knowledge of aerodynamics, physics, math and other scientific disciplines.

In Aerocadet, we have our minimum education requirements set at the following standards:

arrow a high school graduate or higher
arrow pass grades in English, mathematics, physics and science
arrow average academic achievements to B-levels or higher


Academic documents required for enrollment:

arrow a high school diploma (certificate of secondary education)

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"How much funds do I need to have in order to enroll?"

As a rule, either a student personally or his sponsor must be able to demonstrate to the US Consulate that he is able to cover tuition and living expenses for a period of 6 months. US consulate will add approximately $3,600 USD to the total cost of your flight training program (that's about $20 per day) for miscellaneous living expenses, such as food and clothing, etc.

You do not need to pay this amount in advance. Normally, an initial deposit equaling to 25% of the total cost will suffice, when showing the US consulate your intent to pay for the flight training in full.

If you are appying for the F-1 visa on our FPAP-1 program, you will need to show that you or your sponsor/s (or commbination thereof) have available funds of $65,000 USD on a single or multiple personal accounts. If you are sponsored by a business, you or your sponsor must provide a letter from the business owner stating that he or she is willing to sponsor you and will be paying for your tuition.


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"What is the minimum age"

arrow The minimum enrollment age for the integrated professional pilot program is 18.
arrow The minimum enrollment age for the modular airline transport pilot license course is 21.

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"Will my background be checked?"

US Consulate will conduct a quick back ground check for each and every student pilot who wishes to undergo his/her flight training in the United States. As a rule, you must not have any of the following offences:

arrow Criminal offences of any nature
arrow Drinking and driving offences
arrow Bankruptcy record
arrow Illegal immigration record (US only)

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