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Our routes and partners provide us with a firm grip on the flight training industries in such regions as Americas, Asia, Russia, Eastern Europe and Middle East

Our Services

Aerocadet is an agency that provides aspiring aviators with the following services:

Enrollment, visa, and career guidance support

Assistance in obtaining student loan for training

Flight training to high international standards

Advanced academics for students requiring aviation degree

US pilot internship placement and flight time building

International advanced pilot internship placement

Airline employment placement assistance

Further pilot career development and personalized consulting


All of the above servoices are offered by Aerocadet and contracted third party providers, such as certificate translation and validation services, flight training facilities, aviation companies and regional experts to ensure that our clients are not just licensed pilots, but also "airline employment ready" upon completion of our package flight training and internship programs.



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Formation and History

"Our company was formed not because we wanted to make money but because we wanted to provide an important service of helping aviation students, who are unable or unwilling to flight train in their own country, to undergo quality flight training abroad."

Our parent companies, Firstavia Group LLC and its U.S. branch, Raich Aerospace Group LLC, were formed by a group of experienced pilots and began operating as an agency that helped flight students from the East European countries to find quality flight training facilities in the United States and Canada, provided full administrative support, immigration and legal advise, financial aid, license conversion and the initial employment opportunities for our students. This caring multi-level approach and easy to work with "one-stop-shop" and a "peace-of-mind" philosophy made our services very popular among the European students, including pilots from Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Georgia, Kazakhstan and Poland.

Being success full in this sector, we continued doing a thorough research into the aviation training industries in many Asian countries. After 2 years of continuos work, we found out that there is a dramatic growth of civil aviation sectors in such counties as Malaysia, Indonesia, India, China, Vietnam, Cambodia and South Korea. Together with the growth of passenger transport sector, we noticed that the pilot training sectors were lagging behind and had to battle an army of bureaucrats, bribe local aviation authority on daily basis, overcome negligent and incompetent maintenance service, just to be able to teach their students how to fly. This caused unnecessary delays in training, delays in student enrollment and frustration among students. Some ended up in operation delays so dramatic that finally caused bankruptcies among some flight schools. Young lives were ruined and millions of dollars lost. At this point, it was obvious to us that the flight students in such countries deserved an option to enroll in flight training programs abroad, in case domestic flight schools or their programs were unavailable.

Following this research, a decision was made to form a new company that would operate solely in the Unites States and provide Asian aviation students with the quality flight training options, consulting, administrative support, internship programs and accommodation in the United States. We wanted to focus our efforts in giving them an opportunity to undergo aviation flight training in a safe and professional environment, experience the FAA airspace, be able to fly every day, enjoy operating well-maintained aircraft and quickly finish their flight training in record time-frame, so they can come back home and start flying professionally much faster then their domestic students.

Here is a brief run-down of our parent and sister companies, formation and operation purposes:

Year Company Operation

2008-Current Global Air LLC Formed to provide aircraft logistics services for the international buyers in the Western Europe
2011-Current Firstavia Group LLC Formed to incorporate and jointly manage the operation of aircraft logistics, aircraft sales and flight training support services.
2012-Current Raich Aerospace Group LLC Acquired interest in Firstavia Group LLC and its subsidiaries and continued business expansion into Asian region under a new management.
2012-Current Aerocadet DBA Registered DBA name by Raich Aerospace Group LLC with the target to provide dedicated flight training support to Asian aviation students in the United States.



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Corporate Structure

"We pride ourselves on being an international entity with a wide portfolio of aviation related businesses"

Aerocadet is a registered DBA (doing business as) name of Raich Aerospace Group LLC. We work with our respective partners in the United States, Europe, Asia and Middle East to provide international students with the best possible flight training options to fit their needs.


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Whom do we work with?

"Our business relationship with the best aviation training facilities around the world is our company's biggest and most cherished asset"

Currently, we have agreement with the following aviation companies in the United States, Indonesia, China and Russia:

Company Role Purpose

Aviator College of Aeronautical Science and Technology Main flight training base, Southern Florida All full professional FAA license programs and full academic curriculum for aeronautical degrees
Firstavia Group LLC Regional Office, St Petersburg, Russia Recruitment office for students from CIS.
Lombok Institute of Flight Technology, Indonesia Conversion base All FAA to DGCA (Indonesia) flight crew licenses conversion facility
Global Air LLC Advanced Internship Offers advanced pilot internship option for our graduates

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Contact Us

Aerocadet administrative offices:

Aerocadet +1 (US) 772 410 2045 x 103
Correspondence Aerocadet / Raich Aerospace Group LLC, 260 Willliams Blv, POB 731313, Ormond Beach, Florida 32174, United States


Main flight training base offices

Aviator College +1 (US) (772) 672 8222
Correspondence Aviator College of Aeronautical Science & Technology, 3800 Saint Lucie Blvd
Fort Pierce, Florida 34946


Contact us TODAY for a free telephone consultation with our specialists!


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