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Pullman Students

It's easy with our help all the way.

We ensure that furnishing all the paperwork is fast and easy by providing close assistance to our students throughout the entire application process


"How long does the enrollment process take?"

Application to enroll into our flight trainingprograms is a fast and easy process. For any queries and non-standard situations we offer around-the-clock online support to ensure that all your questions are answered as quickly as possible.

Here is a brief outline of a complete enrollment process, from the point you contact us to the point you are ready to begin your flight training:

Fill out online enrollment form

To begin your enrollment process, you will need to fill out a full student enrollment form using our online application. This form is used to collect student information and ensure that he/she meets our qualification requirements, is able to obtain F-1 visa and pass the TSA/AFSP aviation student securoty clearance. The form is easy to complete. Click "Apply Online" button below to start your enrollment process.

Apply Online
Approximate time required: 15 minutes

Submit documents via email

After you finished filling out enrollment form, you will need to email us your identification and academic documents. These documents include:

Valid Passport
Certificate of secondary education
English Certificate (if required)
Proof of funds (bank statement or sponsor's letter)

You do not need to submit English Certificate (IELTS or TOEFL or TOEIC) if you are a native English speaker or have studied in English medium through the entire secondary education.

The direct email address link will be stipulated in the application form. However, if you need to email us dorectlly, click "Email" below:

Email Documents
Approximate time required: 2 minutes

Initial review & acceptance decision

If you received preliminary acceptance, we will notify you via email and advise that we will send your flight training agreement within the next 48 hours.

If we can not make an acceptance decison at this stage due to various reasons, we will contact you for a shot interview and discuss your options. Our goal is to facilitate a fast and easy enrollment process, and qualify as many applicants as possible.

Approximate time required: 24-48 hours

Flight training agreement signing & deposit payment

Once the flight training agreement is signed and all details are agreed upon, you or your sponsor will need to make the initial deposit payment. The deposit is refundable (subject to terms and conditions of your flight training agreement) and will include the following items: government and administrative fees for issuance of I-20 form (required for academic and non-academic student visas); academic document processing, evaluation and translation fees (provided by a J.Silny & Associates academic evaluation services), FedEx fees (mail and postage), etc. The minimum refundable deposit will be outlined in your flight training agreement.

Approximate time required: 24-48 hours

Academic documents validation & conversion

Once we receive your initial deposit payment, we will take the following action:

Email you all required study materials for PPL course
Send your documents for validation
Process conversion of your documents to US standard
Approximate time required: 30 days

I-20 mail & F-1 visa appointment

Once your documents are validated and converted into the US format, as well as your English test is verified (English test may be either IELTS, TOELF or TOEIC) we will send you an I-20 form which is required to obtain an F-1 student visa. When you receive your I-20, you will need to take the following action:

Call the nearest to you U.S. Consulate and set an appointment
Fill out additional "DS" visa form required by consulate
Prepare your 2x2 photographs & financial documents
Pay SEVIS and Consulate fees ($130 each)
Approximate time required: 15 days

Final arrival arrangements in the USA

Once your visa is approved and issued, you can start making your travel arrangements to the United States. You will need to book your airline tickets with destination to Orlando International Airport (MCO). Once all the arrangements are finalized, please email your travel itinerary and we will make airport pick up arrangements for your arrival.

Approximate time required: 3 days

The entire aforementioned process should take, approximately, 2 months. Sometimes, due to various issues with the conversion of foreign academic documents, the process may take 3 months. Chinese, Indonesian,Thai and Vietnamese applicants make take up to 3.5 months to process all the required paperwork. Because of that, we recommend that you start your enrollment 4 months before the desired class start date.

Start dates are listed on the enrollment application form.


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