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If you are looking for an alternate flight training option to your current domestic flight schools, if you do not trust your FT provider or want a different experience, you are in the right place!

Outline of Benefits

"The most efficient and fast way to achieve your objective."

Why would anyone want to travel thousands of miles away from home and undergo their flight training in another country? The answer is simple: United States, at the moment, has a highly-developed GA (General Aviation) sector and, in some cases, may surpass the development of such industry in your home country. Let's look at the following facts

  • arrow US (and Florida, in particular) has the most sophisticated system of airports and flight support services in the World.
    arrow It has the most diverse fleet of GA training aircraft in the World.
    arrow Cheap aviation fuel (100LL and Jet-A)
    arrow Certified ICAO/FAA flight instructors are abundant and highly qualified
    arrow The weather is perfect for flying all year around
    arrow Huge network of regional and international airports
    arrow No landing fees
    arrow No flight support fees
    arrow No or low military restrictions
    arrow Low ATC restrictions
    arrow Abundance of uncontrolled (class G) airspace
    arrow No need to obtain ATC clearances before every flight
    arrow Highly Professional training environment
    arrow Highly desired and internationally recognized flight crew licenses (FAA/ICAO)
    arrow Ability to improve one's English fast and achieve ICAO-6 level by fully submerging in an All-English-Speaking environment


Ten Main Advantages of FPAP-1

People often ask us: "What are the advantages of flight training program with your flight academy? Why should I chose you over anyone else?" We have a clear answer:

This flight training program is engineered by our aviation training consultants: current and active airline pilots, flight instructors and other esteemed aviation professionals who have extensive work experience as pilots in China, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong. Our consultant are well aware of challenges that a newly-minted commercial pilots face after they complete their flight training and, based on their extensive experience, can help our pilots to overcome such obstacles with ease. Therefore, this flight training program is designed with Ten Most Important Advantages in mind:


Intergrated Part-141 Training Curriculum.

Most flight schools train students using their own curriculum which is not academically accredited by the FAA (part 61). Our flight academy is an accredited college and uses a specially accredited Part 141 flight training curriculum. Such curriculum is much more structured then part 61, highly respected by the airlines and, therefore, gives our our student an important advantage when applying for employment anywhere in the world.

US & International Pilot Internships

Students are able to stay and work as flight instructors, being paid $20 per flight hour and building valuable flight time to achive a target 1500 hours as a pilot, in order to be able to receive their Airline Transport Pilot License. After the initial internship, pilots are offered advanced internship as international ferry pilots with our partner, Global Air LLC. During this internship, pilots will log international cross-country flight time and start earning an average of $350 per flight day.

College Accreditation

It is of vital importance that the flight training facility has not only licensing but academic accreditation of a higher learning institution, such as college or university. The accreditation is awarded by a special accrediting body. Why is this important? Because in such case, all theoretical knowledge materials related to your flight training automatically become Academic courses and, therefore, may be converted to academic credits for accreditation by any other college or university in the World, in case the pilot wants to continue his/her aeronautical education to a degree level after the completion of flight training.

Great Weather All Year Around

It is absolutely imperative to ensure that the flight training facility is located in the area or region which has a mild warm weather all year around. Flight training in cold and icing conditions is dangerous and may delay student's flight training progress by a few months. Our flight training facilities are located in Florida, United States. Students enjoy a flying weather 365 days a year with very little or no weather-related interruptions. Therefore, our students no issues completing their flight training programs on time.

Around-the-Clock Flight Schedule

The next important factor in choosing your flight school is the training fleet: flight center must have ample amount of airplanes to ensure that if any of the aircraft break down and need to be taken off flight schedule, there are spare airplanes available to replace them, thus causing minimal interruptions to student's flight training progress. Our flight center has over 40 new light training aircraft, including: Cessna 172SP, Piper Cherokee 28, Beech Duchess 76. An in-house team of fully qualified engineers services academy's fleet 7 days a week.

"Airline Employment Ready" Jet Transition Course

It is extremely important to pilot's future employers (airlines and business jet companies) to ensure that pilots have training and experience operating a modern passenger class airplane equipped with glass cockpit, EFIS avionics, etc. Most airlines also set a mandatory conditions for employment to have experience of working in a multi-crew environment and know the captain/first officer call-outs. Our academy includes a 45 hour of special Jet transition training where pilots who already earned their CPL, complete a 45-hours jet flight training on our in-house Bombardier CRJ-200 simulator. During this course, pilots acquire working knowledge of passenger jet aircraft operation in a multi-crew environment, high speed and swept wing air-dynamics, jet handling and so on. This course gives our graduates an immense advantage over the competition when applying for employment with the airlines.

Low Cost of Training

Our program is priced to be extremely competitive on the international aviation trainin market. In fact, we can guarantee you that no other flight training facility offere better value "Airline Employment Ready" program for this price.

U.S. Student Visa Support

Not everyone is easily qualified for the U.S. student visa. When students apply for their visas, American consulate needs to verify that students have no intention of staying in the United States after they complete their flight training program and have a valid motivation and reason to leave: such may be employment offer back home. Our company has lined up an initial employment opportunity for our graduates: all graduates are offered employment as international ferry pilots with our partner company, Global Air Ferry ( Global Air Ferry is a premier aircraft sales and delivery agent operating successfully since 2008. Company is specializing in light aircraft delivery from the United States to various destinations around the World, including Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia. Our student's flight training enrollment contract contains a conditional offer of employment with Global Air LLC. Graduates can be home-based and may be called for aircraft delivery to the US or any other point on a short notice.

Employment Guarantee for Graduates

As mentioned above, all our graduates are offered advanced internship and then a conditional employment with Global Air Ferry. This employment has three main benefits to the pilots: 1) Pilots have an opportunity to continue gaining their flight time through the international cross-country flight experience; 2) pilots get a higher visa approval rates 3) pilots can put this employment as the second professional aviation job in their resumes. This gives our graduates a great advantage over the competing pilots with no or less work experience on the resumes. After all, the airlines prefer to hire pilots who already have work experience and posses excellent references from their previous employers.

Airline Placement Support

As mentioned above, our graduates will, effectively, have two guaranteed employments right after they complete the flight training program: flight instructor internship with the Aviator College in the United States and international ferry pilot employment with the Global Air Ferry. Based on these employments, graduates will receive three excellent recommendation letters from Aerocadet, from Aviator College and from Global Air Ferry. These letters could be used as valuable supporting documents when applying for employment with any regional and international airlines.


As you can see, our FPAP-1 flight training program is not just about the flight training: it's a completely integrated and encompassing educational and career development tool which is imperative for anyone who wants to achieve success in the modern aviation industry and become an airline pilot within the shortest time-frame possible.


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"US general aviation fleet is the most diverse in the World"

It's not a secret that most general aviation (light) aircraft are manufactured right here, in the United States. There is a tremendous availability of light training aircraft and a huge variety of them utilized by many flight schools to allow students fly the best and the most advanced machines on the market. Yes, the price for aircraft time and rental is much lower then in most Asian counties, due to low cost of fuel, aircraft service and operational expenses.

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Flight Training Duration

"We pride ourselves on being an international entity with a wide portfolio of aviation related businesses"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA Due to aforementioned benefits, most flight students are able to fly as much as 2-4 hours per day, every day, and complete their flight training in record times versus the same programs in most Asian counties. Consider this:

arrow PPL license will take between 45 to 60 days
arrow Build 50 hours of cross-country solo time in less then 15 days
arrow Get your instrument rating in less then 30 days
arrow Get your CPL license in less then 30 days


So, you can complete your "Zero to Professional Pilot" program (Commercial Pilot with Instrument and Multi-Engine rating) in just 6 months, guaranteed!* The same program make take over a year in some South-East Asian countries and even over 3 years in China (PRC).


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Licenses and Conversions

"Having two different flight crew licenses is better then one. That's just common sense!"

The FAA license is a highly respected ICAO flight crew certification document that is freely and easily convertible into many license authorities of Asian countries. Here are approximate conversion terms for some of the Asian countries:

Country Authority Conversion requirements Duration*

India DGCA
1 Air Law Exam
1 CPL check-ride
1 IR check-ride
6 weeks
Indonesia DGCA
1 Air Law Exam
1 CPL check-ride
1 IR check-ride
6 weeks
Malaysia DCA
1 Air Law Exam
1 CPL check-ride
1 IR check-ride
4 weeks
China CAAC
1 CPL Exam
1 IR Exam
1 1 Air Law Exam
1 CPL check-ride
1 IR check-ride
8-10 weeks**

* Duration is approximate

** FAA to CAAC conversion is possible only through CAAC-approved foreign flight training academies.


So, why make your career wait, if:

arrow You can start your airline employment back home right away after completing the FAA licensing
arrow You can work as a commercial/airline pilot on your license validation while doing your conversion
arrow You can enter local airline market faster then the competing students
arrow You will have two commercial license: FAA and your own countries's
arrow Do not need to wait for license verification - your FAA flight crew certificates could be accessed by your employer via internet at any time

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Why Aerocadet?

"Do your flight training with the most experienced international flight training agency for the Asian pilot, in the World"

It is arguable, but we can say with a certain degree of confidence, that our instructors/consultant and FT specialists (all Top-level professional pilots and flight instructors) have a unique experience of working in various Asian countries as commercial pilots and flight instructors. We know the "ins and outs" of the international flight training industry and we are here to help you to achieve your goals in the most efficient and timely way possible.

How many specialist of our experience and calibre out there? A hand full. And here is a brief summary of our experience:

arrow Over 10 years of combined experience working in Asian aviation industry
arrow Intimate knowledge of the Asian flight training industry
arrow Intimate knowledge of the Asian airline and commercial aviation
arrow Deep knowledge of the Asian flight licensing requirements
arrow Thorough understanding of the US immigration requirements


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