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The Art of Partnership

Our partnerships with the best international training providers ensures a full and complete range of services to our students combined with high quality of flight training


"We are determined to make our company a 'one-stop' hassle-free flight training center for all"

Why is it important to have a network of professional organizations that enable us to provide you with the full range of services in the area of aviation? Because our goal is to offer you a wide spectrum of options for your training and career development through a centralized body, rather then send you searching for solutions to problems on your own. This is our commitment to our students and the very core of our business philosophy.

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United States

"Our US partner companies are the finest institutions in the business"

Sunrise Aviation Inc is one of the very few flight training bases in the US that have low student congestion, large fleet and offers a high quality of training. It has the largest fleet of C152 aircraft in Florida and operates additional charter operation from Florida to Bahamas. It has an ongoing partnership program with Jacksonville University's Aeronautical Science department, which allows our students to obtain not only M-1 vocational student visa, but also an F-1 academic student visa, with an option of furthering their education to a degree level and undergoing internship as a flight instructor at the end of their flight training program. This is our primary flight training base in the US.

Flight training center:

Company: Aviator College of Aeronautical Sciene and Technology
Address: 3800 St Lucie Blvd, Fort Pierce, FL 34946
Telephone: +1 772 410 2045


Advanced pilot internship provider:

Company: Global Air Holdings Ltd
Address: Unit 25A, 25/Floor, Wing Hing Commercial Building, 139 Wing Lok Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong.
Telephone: + 1 800 755 4506


Student imaging by:

Company: DroneSurvey
Address: 226 N Nova Rd, Suite 355, Ormond Beach, Fl 32174
Telephone: + 1 386 334 7682

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"Working with the best and the most technologically advanced flight academy in Asia"

Lombok, Indonesia is a home to one of the most advanced flight training facilities in Asia called Lombok Institute of Flight Technology. Guided by philosophy of clean and efficient operation, living on the edge of the recent technology in science of flight training, it works with our company by offering a fast ICAO license conversion program into DGCA-Indonesian formats. We firmly believe, that Lombok Institute of Flight Technology (abbreviated as LIFT) is one of the very few places in this region, operating on the same or higher level of quality standards and commitment to aviation training industry, as most of its American, Australian or European counterparts.

Company: Lombok Institute of Flight Technology
Address: 1 Adi Suchipto, Selaparang, Lombok, Indonesia
Telephone: +62 899 929 9992


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"Our Chinese partners are the largest governmental flight academy"

Civil Aviation University of China, also knows as "CAUC" is the company used by us to provide ICAO license certification and CAAC conversion.

Company: 中国民航大学
Address: 地址:天津市津北公路2898号 邮编
Telephone: +86 22-24092114


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"Fresh, new and exciting Russian general aviation company working hand in hand with Aerocadet"

Company: ООО "Авиатор"
Address: С-Петербург 190000, Галерная ул. дм 20-22, офис 411.
Telephone: +7 812 458 0783


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