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Multi-engine rating is your ticket to flying larger aircraft, from two to 4 engines. Gain confidence and enforce your aeronautical resume with this important part of your pilot license

AMEL Outline


ATTENTION: our Multi-Engine Rating (AMEL) course is an modular flight training course designated for students with a full PPL or CPL ASEL license and a minimum of aeronautical experience required. For the fully-inclusive courses, please see our Integrated Courses section.


"What is Multi-Engine rating?"

The Airplane Multi-Engine Land rrating (AMEL) is an important attachment to either a PPL or a CPL license that allows pilots to fly aircraft with more then one power plant. Normally, such rating is built upon already existing single-engine rating (ASEL) and, combined with an appropriate type-rating, paves the way for a professional career in the airline industry.


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"What benefits will I enjoy once I get my AMEL?"

AMEL rating holders will enjoy a number of great benefits. Some of them are:

arrow Fly aircraft with more then one power plant (number is unlimited)
arrow Be able to undergo a jet type-rating training
arrow Serve as a multi-engine instructor (when combined with CFI license)


You will also enjoy the following benefits internationally and be able to:

arrow Rent and utilize a multi-engine aircraft in any ICAO country
arrow Convert FAA AMEL to any ICAO AMEL either directly or indirectly


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"How long will it take?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA We are projecting for every student to fly a minimum of 2 hours per day. Sometimes more. The actual program duration, from AMEL rating to PPL or CPL pilot will be 1 week and consist of the following 1 stage:


Stage 1 Multi-Engine Rating

arrow 1 week, where
    1 week of practical flight training


*This is approximate.

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Theoretical Course

"How many hours will I need to study, in order to become a multi-engine pilot?"

The FAA regulations do not specify minimum required classroom time for candidates who want to obtain this certification.


Stage 1 Multi-Engine Aircraft Theory

arrow 20 hours, of which
  arrow 10 hours of classroom lectures
  arrow 10 hours of pre- and post-flight briefings

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Practical Course

"How many hours will I need to fly, in order to qualify for AMEL?"

The current course requirements are:


Stage 1 Multi-engine Rating Practical Course

arrow 10 hours flight time, of which
  arrow 9 hours dual
  arrow 1 hour PIC (check-ride)


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"What will be the estimated cost for this flight training course?"

The cost of flight training in accordnace with the aforementioned syllabus is:

arrow $5,995 USD, which includes:
  arrow Administrative expenses
  arrow Ground school and books
  arrow Flight training
  arrow Practical exam
  arrow All applicable aircraft rental and insurance
  arrow Aviation headset rental
  arrow Flight instructor fees


*Training is offered in PA-44 "Seminole"

**Optional training is offered in PA-32 "Seneca"

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"What do I need to have in order to enroll now?"

Our requirements for this course are basic:

arrow Be 18 years of age or older
arrow Ability to understand, speak and write English
arrow FAA Private Pilot License or Commercial Pilot License with Single-Engine (ASEL) rating
arrow FAA Class III medical or higher (see requirements)

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