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Aerocadet utilizes only the best and the most reputable flight training bases in Florida to ensure that you achieve your goals quickly and have a great time doing so


"Flight training by the high quality and experienced providers"

Our company is contracting the most reputable FBOs to ensure that your flight training objectives are achieved quickly, cost-effectively and in a timely manner. Most importantly, we are ensuring that our providers and instructors are experienced enough to handle the challenges of providing flight and theoretical knowledge instruction to foreign students who are not native English speakers. To master such environment and skill takes experience and a special individualized approach to every student. At Aerocadet, you are never just a number. We strive to tailor-make a flight training program for each student to ensure it is the perfect match for your skills, level of understanding and abilities. Throughout the training, we work on developing your skill, professionalism, English language and RT fluency, sound aeronautical decision making and positive attitude.


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"Based in central Florida, we are enjoying sunny skies and gorgeous weather all-year-around"

Our flight ops are conducted by Aviator College or Aeronautical Science and Sunrise Aviation inc, FBOs located at St. Lucie Regional Airprot (Ft. Pierce, FL) and and Ormond Beach Municipal Airprot (Ormond Beach, FL) Why there? Simple: it's one of the most integrated and centralized locations for flight training in Florida. The main bebefits include:

arrow Sunny weather all-year-around
arrow Only a few miles from the beautiful Florida beaches
arrow Several regional airports in a close proximity (less then 15 miles)
arrow Unrestricted airspace with minimal tower control
arrow Friendly ATC with patience for student pilots and experience
arrow Unlimited flying options 24/7. Night, day, weekends.
arrow Multiple pilot shops and pilot supplies


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"We pride ourselves on aircraft quality and maintenance"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA Our FBOs operate a wide range of aircraft, suitable for everyone's budget and taste. The main aircaft we operate are:


Cessna 152 "Sky Catcher"

Used for ab initio and basic training


Cessna 172 "Sky Hawk"

Used for advanced and instrument training


Piper 28 "Cherokee"

Used for ab initio, basic and advanced instrument training


Piper 28 "Arrow"

Used for advanced commercial and instrument training


Piper 44 "Seminole"

Used to basic multi-engine and instrument training


Piper 32 "Seneca"

Used for advanced commercial multi-engine training


Beechcraft 100 "King Air"

Used for commercial high-performance training


All of the above aircraft are certified in most Asian countries and could be legally logged by our students for subsequent flight time conversion into a local flight crew license. We have all the tools, facilities and resources to provide you with the best flight training service and experience you deserve.


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"An aboundance of highly qualified, energetic and dedicated instructors is only available in Florida"

With so many great aeronautical universities and colleges near-by, we have a constantly staffed team of highly qualified FAA flight instructors. They are experienced in working with international students from the Asian countries and the Middle East. By providing a dedicated service, they have the ability to adjust teaching style to each student's personal needs and find the most effective approach to your learning requirements.

The basic qualifications of our instructors include, but not limited to:

arrow Commercial/ATP and flight instructor licenses with the instrument and multi-engine endorsements
arrow College degree in aeronautical science or related disciplines
arrow Extensive experience working with the international students
arrow Formidable flight time

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"We guarantee quality and commitment of our staff to your goals"

The quality of your flight training experience is guaranteed to exceed the quality of flight training providers in your country. Arguably, but you need to experience this for yourself. Just think about all the obstacle that lay on the way of a flight school in most Asian countries. We have almost none of them. So you can have a peace of mind.

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