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With Chinese aviation industry growing at an extraordinary rate, demand for pilots is off the scale and salaries sore higher then ever!

Chinese Job Market Outline

"It is an industry-wide concensus that the emerging pilot markets in the China promise almost ideal job opportunities for skilful flight crew members"

For some time now aviation specialists from across the industry have been observing the overwhelming increase in pilot demand from Asia, particularly China. It is an industry-wide concensus that the emerging pilot markets in the China promise almost ideal job opportunities for skilful flight crew members. This conviction impels local markets elsewhere to find ways of filling in the cracks in their HR segment.

Promo campaigns as well as separate job ads from China-based airlines advertise really tempting opportunities. For instance, B737 captains are offered 3-year renewable contracts, with $15,000 – 17,000 monthly salaries, a total of $42,000 annual bonuses, as well as additional safety bonuses, transport and accommodation allowances, etc. Furthermore, in many cases a pilot is given the freedom to choose the most desirable roster. For example, working 11 months and having a month’s holiday leave for a higher salary, or working several weeks and enjoying several weeks off afterwards, but with a 15-35% lower pay.

At the moment, Chinese aviation market is so hungry for new pilots that it eagerly recruits captains and first officers from all over the World and especially from other Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong SAR and South Korea. Earning are sky-high and competition for the prospective employees is low.

The pilot difficit is projected to reach as many as 15,000 from 2012 until 2015. At the same time, the local flght schools are only able to output not more then 500 pilots per year. The situation is an ideal recipe for highly paid and highly respected aviation employment career for all the regional and international specialists.

Earning $20,000 USD per month - it could be YOU in just 3-5 years!

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Who is Hiring?

"Where can I look for employment in China?"

Most airlines are based in Beijing, Shanghai and Wuhan. But there are a few that operate from bases in other locations, such as Inner Mongolia, Changdu, Shenzen, Guanzhoe and many more.

The following airlines are currently hiring and are projected to actively hire local and international pilots for the next 5 years:

qualifications Air China
qualifications Chang'an Airlines
qualifications Chengdu Airlines
qualifications China Eastern Airlines
qualifications China Southern Airlines
qualifications China United Airlines
qualifications Chongqing Airlines
qualifications Deer Jet
qualifications Donghai Airlines
qualifications Grandstar Cargo
qualifications Great Wall Airlines
qualifications Hainan Airlines
qualifications Hebei Airlines
qualifications Juneyao Airlines
qualifications Henan Airlines
qualifications Lucky Air
qualifications Okay Airways
qualifications Shandong Airlines
qualifications Shanghai Airlines
qualifications Shenzhen Airlines
qualifications Sichuan Airlines
qualifications Spring Airlines
qualifications Tianjin Airlines
qualifications Xiamen Airlines
qualifications Yangtze River Express
qualifications and many more!


*** for details about each airline's hiring status and requirements, please contact them directly and acquire the up to date information following the links above.

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"What do I need to succeed on the modern airline employment market in China?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA The Aviation employment market in Indonesia is in dire need of local pilots. Most Indonesin and expatriate pilots who hold FAA CPL with multi-engine and/or instrument ratings and adequate conversions to the licenses of their home countries, will be able to find an airline employment job within the 3 months after graduation from our professional flight training program. Local air carriers in China are looking for the following qualifications, as a minimum:

qualifications ICAO commercial license (FAA and JAA preferred)
qualifications Instrument rating
qualifications Multi-engine rating with high-performance endorsement
qualifications Night rating
qualifications 250 hours of flight time (25 hours in a turbine aircraft)
qualifications ICAO-4 English proficiency
qualifications Chinese citizens or permanent residents preferred!
qualifications Fluency in Mandarin is preferred!


In compensation for your service, you will be entitled to a number of great benefits. Just some of the include:

benefits Monthly tax-free salary, from $2,500 USD to $8,000 (first officer)
benefits Free air travel benefits to you and your family
benefits Free accommodation
benefits Free health insurance
benefits Per diem allowances
benefits Airline-paid pension contributions
benefits Free initial type-rating
benefits Free upgrade and equipment transition training


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Career Progression

"How long will it take me to get to the 'TOP'?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA The answer is: fairly fast. In China upgrading from first officer to a captain takes much less time then in most airlines in the West. Consider this: in airlines such as United, Quantas, British Airways and other US/EU air carriers, it takes around 10 years to upgrade from first officer to captain. In Malaysia, the upgrade time could be as fast as 4-6 years. Once you obtain your captaincy and start logging PIC (pilot in command) time on a B737 or A320 or any other jet/turboprop, you will have thousands of international employment doors open too. You will be able to easily transition from a captian job in Korea, Japan, Malaysia to a similar job in Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, India or Hong Kong. Obtaining international work permits for qualified captains is fast and easy.

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"I want to know more!"

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