United States Student Visas

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It's easy with our help all the way.

We ensure that furnishing all the paperwork is fast and easy by providing close assistance to our students throughout the entire application process


"Do I need a visa?"

All foreign nationals who are not US citizens or permanent lawful residents require a student visa if they want to enroll on a study course. There are 2 student visas in the US:

arrow M1 - Non Academic
arrow F1 - Academic


Students attending flight training programs Airline Pilot License and College Degree will be eligible to obtain an academic student visa type F-1. This visa will allow you to work on campus (as a flight instructor) 20 hours per week and receive salary. Students attending flight training programs Commercial Pilot and non-integrated modular courses, will be eligible to obtain non-academic student visa type M-1

In the past, when the US economy was booming and the country was struggling withe the inflex of illegal immigrants from the developing countries, it was faitly difficult to obtain one. However, in the recent years, US became in dire need to help it's economy to overcome the financial crisis and unemployment, thus completely re-arranging US Department of State's priorities. As a result, US consulates are more willing to consider a much wider range of applicants for the academic and, especially, non-academic student visas.

Please remember: If you are enrolling into the following programs:

  • Full Professional Airline Pilot Program
  • Pathway College Program
  • College Degree Program

You will need an F-1 academic visa.


All other program require an M-1 non-academic visa.


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Main requirements

"Do I qualify?"

US Department of State, which runs the US consulates around the World, has softened the eligibility requirements for the student visas for Indonesian, Malaysian, Indian and other Asian students. The current eligibility parameters are assessed from on multile levels but mainly from only one perspective: "Does this student have a reason to come back to his home country after the completion of his flight training?" Therefore, the following documents will be of great help when applying for a US F1 or M1 visa:

We provide Official invitation to the pilot training course (I-20 form)
We provide A support letter from a consultaning company in the US, stating that you are suitable for flight training and passed all the enrollment requirements.
We provide A letter from a local employer (in your home country) with a guaranteed offer of employment or employment interview in case of successful completion of your flight training.
You provide Proof that you or your familiy resides in your home country and owns valuable assets, such as real-estate. Alternatively, a proof that you are married or in a long-term relationship and your wife or husband own assets.
You provide Proof that you or your familiy has a sufficient income to support you and pay for your flight training program.


We provide We or our partners provide You provide You or your family provides


As you can see, most eligible candidates should have no problem obtaining F-1 or M-1 visa, as soon as the basic critiria are met and all the supporting paperwork is furnished during the interview. Our company, in turn, will be able to provide the main 3 items to help you with the visa application and the approval process.


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"How do I apply for my visa?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA You will need to follow the outlined below steps in order to be able to obtain your M1 visa without much difficulty:

Receive all the visa support documents from us, including:
arrow I-20 form (offical invitation to the course)
arrow Enrollment Letter (confirmation that you have passed all the required testing and interview with a certified FAA flight instructor)
arrow Aviation company interview guarantee letter (from either a local airline, flight school or a charter company with a guarantee to interview you for the purspose of employment as a pilot/flight crew)
down arrow
Call your local US consulate and request to make an appointment for the F-1 or M-1 visa interview. Have your I-20 control number ready, as you will need it to set an appointment. The consulate will mail or email you an appointment confirmation letter containing date and time for your appointment withim 7 business days or less.
down arrow
Collect all the documents required to prove your intent to return to your home country. In addition, ensure that you have the following standard US Consular forms completed:
arrow DS-160 and all other visa application forms required regionally. See your local US consulate for requirements and download forms online.
arrow TSA registration proof (you will receive it after enrollment)
arrow SEVIS I-901 payment receipt (please visit SEVIS website to pay the one-time Internation Student Fee)
down arrow
Make the US Consulate fee payment through their preferred method of payment collection. For Indonesian and Malaysian residents, please register and make a payment here: US Visa Interview Registration
down arrow
Attend the F-1 or M-1 visa interview at your regional US consulate.
down arrow
Expect your passport to arrive within 7 to 14 business days after the interview. In some cases, you may be required to go back to the consulate to pick-up your passport personally.
down arrow
Once the process is complete, go ahead and buy airline tickets to Orlando International Airport in Florida (MCO) or Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB). We will pick you up and transport you directly to your new accommodation in Ormond Beach.
down arrow
Submit your fingerprints to the TSA the next day after arrival. (We will take you to the local police station to do this).
down arrow
Receive your final Notice of Approval from the TSA the next day after submitting your fingerprints and START FLYING!


It may look complicated but, in fact, it is not. The process may be a little time-consuming and may take a few days, but it is worth it, as you will save MONTHS by training for your commecial license in the US instead of your home country.


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"What will I be asked during the interview?"

The interview at your regional US Consulate should take 10-15 minutes (not including the waiting time, which may vary and depend on other people) and will involve several questions about your current financial and social situation, your knowledge of English and future career intentions. You will get a decision on your visa immediately after the interview.

The main thing you must know and be able to answer:

Q: Why do you want to be a pilot?
A: Too many reasons! But some of them are outlined here.
Q: Why do you want to do you flight training in the United States? (tell the truth!)
A: Too many reasons, again! But some of them are outlined here.
Q: What is your personal situation?
A: [tell the truth!]
Q: How are you financiang your flight training?
A: [tell the truth!]
Q: Are there any companies interested in hiring you as a pilot after you finsih your flight training in the US?
A: [show the interview guarantee letter]
Q: How is your English?
A: [good and you are taking classes]


Other questions may be more personal. Please ensure you are honest and confident during the interview. Give straign and decisive answers. Refer to paperwork. You should be Okay!


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"What do I need to bring to the Interview?"

You must consult with your regional consulate for exact requirements to obtain F-1 or M-1 visa. Also, when you schedule your interview over the phone, the attendant will advise you what to bring to the appointment and where to download the forms.

As a rule, you will require the following items:

arrow Completed Visa application forms, including DS-156/157/158 and 160. [please check with the consulate]
arrow I-20 form
arrow Recommendation letter from the interviewing certified FAA flight instructor
arrow Training contract
arrow Proof of funds to pay for the training
arrow Proof of personal or family assets
arrow Interview guarantee from the local airline/charter business


We will make sure to closely guide you through the entire process of obtaining these documents to ensure that everything is in order before you show up at the consulate.

We will send you a detailed e-mail with the instructions how to proceed in each and every step of the way. It's much easier then you think!


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"How much will this cost?"

Currently, the US consulate has set it's visa processing fee at $130 USD per visa. You regional fees may vary. Please check with the local US consulate.


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