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With a rather extensive experience operating in Malaysia, Indonesia and China, we consider the Asian aviation job market our speciality.

Asian Job Market Outline

"Asian aviation market is faced with continious demand for highly qualified pilots"

Aviation experts expect that in the next twenty years’ time around half of all flights will be directed to and from the Asian-Pacific region. Naturally, local carriers will have to treble their aircraft fleet thus raising the demand for pilots to 183 thousand. According to the data provided by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), currently the existing training institutions prepare only 3200 pilots out of the required 9150 which constitutes merely 35% of the entire yearly demand. However, the biggest problem that the region and its carriers are faced with at the moment is a shortage of highly qualified pilots. According to the Chinese and Indonesian business media, it may take up to 12 years to train one and airlines are reluctant to wait until local training institutions will at least be partly able to satisfy the demand.  As a result, they tend to look for more experienced pilots abroad. However, one of the main long-term strategies of most Asian air carriers is to employ airline pilots of local origin and citizenship. Such strategy will decrease annual pilot turn-around and retain experienced captains and first officers on long-term basis.

In the next twenty years 40% of the Asian-Pacific region’s pilot demand will come from China, 30% from Indonesia and 20 % from Malaysia leaving 10% to other Asian powers, such as Singapore, Thailand, Myenmar, etc. According to the Indonesian DGCA, in the beginning of 2011 Lion Air (an Indonesian regional carrier) held at least 300 foreign pilots on their payrolls amounting to a fifth of the entire country’s yearly pilot demand. At the same time, the company is desperately trying to hire Indonesian pilots but the local flight schools manage to output only 25% of the annual aviation job market demand.

Due to the shortage of qualified pilots airlines are forced to compete among themselves by offering local and foreign specialists better working conditions and higher salaries. Although, many pilots are often reluctant to leave their own country and make long-term commitment. Therefore, a well-articulated policy of hiring local pilots with foreign flight training and education is a key in most airline's future strategies.

Aerocadet strongly believes that with our help, aviation job market of Indonesia, Malaysia and China will finally find an adequate amount of highly qualified pilots holding FAA and adequately converted DGCA/DGA/CAAC licenses among their own contrie's citizens. DO you want to be one of the successfull few? In this case, Do Not Delay! Enroll on our flight training program today and start making your dream a reality.



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Our Guarantee

"Our main goal at Aerocadet is to provide you with a highly lucrative professional pilot Career, not just a flight crew license"

At Aerocadet, our main priority is to provide our students not only with a flight training package, but also a professional flight crew license from a highly respected ICAO-member aviation authority, such as FAA; enrich our students with all the necessary knowledge to do their job to the highest standard in the industry and above; and, most importantly, provide them with a strong and reliable career path from a flight school to the right seat in a jet.

Therefore, our commitment is to guarantee every student who successfully completed their professional flight trainig program with us, the following items:

we guarantee Airline Employment Interview with a regional carrier (First Officer)
we guarantee Charter Employment Interview with a regional carrier (First Officer or Captain)
we guarantee Local Flight Academy Employment interview (Captain)



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How to Succeed

"What do I need to succeed on the modern airline employment market in Asia?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA The Aviation employment market in Asia is currently very thirsty and most students who hold FAA CPL with multi-engine and/or instrument ratings and adequate conversions to the licenses of their home countries, will be able to find an airline employment job within the 3 months after graduation from our professional flight training program. Local air carriers in Indonesia, Malaysia and China are looking for the following qualifications, as a minimum:

qualifications ICAO commercial license
qualifications Instrument rating
qualifications Multi-engine rating (some countries do not require)
qualifications Night rating
qualifications 200+ hours of flight time
qualifications ICAO-4 English proficiency
qualifications Local citizens preferred!


In compensation for your service, you will be entitled to a number of great benefits. Just some of the include:

benefits Monthly tax-free salary, from $3,500 USD to $6,000 (first officer)
benefits Free air travel benefits to you and your family
benefits Free accommodation
benefits Free health insurance
benefits Per diem payments
benefits Airline-paid pension contributions
benefits Free upgrade or transition training


That's it! Four easy steps.


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Regional Domination

"Can I work outside of my homeland?"

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA The answer is, most definitely, YES. Consider the fact that currently, most of the developing Asian aviation and employment markets are actively merging with a target of allowing employment for qualified pilots from the entire South-East region. Indonesian and Malaysia have a bi-lateral agreement allowing skillfull workers from both countries to enter airline employment under either aviation authority. Many budet airline carriers from Singapore and Hong Kong are on an active lookout for pilots from Indonesia, Malaysia and China. The following airlines are currently hiring and are projected to actively hire local and international pilots for the next 3 years:

qualifications Cathay Pacific Airlines (Hong Kong)
qualifications Garuda Indonesia (Jakarta)
qualifications Jetstar (SIngapore)
qualifications Air Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
qualifications Singapore AIrlines (Singapore)
qualifications Tiger Airways (Singapore)
qualifications Malaysian Airlines (Kuala Lampur)
qualifications Merpati Airlines (Jakarta)
qualifications Dragon Air (Hong Kong)
qualifications Bisiness Aviation Asian (Shenzen)
qualifications Air China (Bejing)
qualifications China Eastern (Beijing)
qualifications Korean Airlines (Seoul)
qualifications Qatar Airlines
qualifications Fly Dubai
  and many more!..


If there ever was a time to consider an airline career, this time is NOW. Enroll in our flight training program and start your career without any further delay!


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Consult with us

"I want to know more!"

Our qualified specialists are standing by to consult you on all the aspects of your enrollment process, flight training, airline employment and more. Call or email us now for a free, no obligation consultation with one of our international aviation training and employment specialists.


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