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Our company has one real goal: your success. Success in your flight training, success in aviation career. And our services are absolutely FREE.

Our Guarantee

Aerocadet's exclusive service, consulting and flight trainig comes with a few very important guarantees.

Internship Programs for Graduates

We offer unique internship programs for all of our graduates who complete either FPAP1 or College Degree programs. Find out how you can get guaranteed employment right after the training.

Work in Asia

After you complete your flight training with us, the world of aviation employment will be full of attractive employment options. Find out what they are and who is currently hiring in Asia.

Work in Indonesia

Indonesia has one of the fastest developing aviation industries in the World. Its airlines, flight schools and private charter operations are always hungry for qualified pilots. It's a great place to gain experience, build flight time and make a good living as a pilot.

Work in Malaysia

Malaysia has a great number for airline employment opportunities for Malaysian and international pilots with various degrees of experience and qualifications.

Work in China

China is an emerging regional aviation superpower offering a great number of employment opportunities for pilots with a beginner, intermediate and advanced levels of aeronautical experience. Excellent rates of pay and promotional options are always available for Chinese and international ICAO-licensed aviators.

Employment Center

Interested in looking up a perfect job for your future aviation career? Look no further. We have a well-sized collection of premier employment agents right here >>>