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Our company has one real goal: your success. Success in your flight training, success in aviation career. And our services are absolutely FREE.

About us

How did we become one of the most advanced aviation training and consulting companies on the modern aerospace market? Find out facts about our history, achievements, goals and aspirations for the future.

Why Aerocadet?

There are many advantages to professional aviation training with Aerocadet. Our goal is your success, from your flight training to your airline employment. Find out why Aerocadet is the right choice for you.

Flight Training

We provide the highest quality flight training options to our students: from non-professional courses conducted in long-established and reputable flight schools, to full airline pilot training programs in the accredited aeronautical colleges, with internship options for the qualified students.


Who is working for us? Current and former chief flight instructors, current and retired airline pilots, military aviators and test-pilots. We worked and accumulated formidable experience in Asian aviation sector, and are looking forward to passing our knowledge and expertise to you.


Our flight training program and flight centers are fully accredited by the FAA, ICAO) and the board for accreditation of colleges and universities. Therefore, aeronautical licenses obtained at our training facilities and courses taken, are convertible to any ICAO format and transferable to any college or university in the World*


We are working with the top class organizations in the aviation community in order to bring you the highest quality of aeronautical training and provide you with the effective career development options. Like no one else, we strive to ensure that you have a long and productive professional pilot career.

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