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Commercial Pilot Program

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From Zero to CPL in only 6 months

Our professional pilot program for the Asian pilots is aiming to prepare students for a direct entry into airlines right after completion of this course

Program Outline


ATTENTION: our CPL program is an integrated flight training course from Zero to ICAO Commercial Pilot License with Instrument and Multi-engine ratings (CPL/ME/IR).


Quick program outline:

  • Full FAA Commercial License
  • Single, Multi-engine & Instrument ratings
  • Enhanced consulting and visa support
  • 4 months accommodation
  • Base cost only $44924 USD (plus govn. fees)






The goal of any student pilot is to achieve aeronautical licensing and experience to become employable by most aviation companies, charter and airline operations. After graduation, student will hold an internationally recognized FAA-ICAO Commercial Pilot license with permission to fly single and multi-engine airplanes in high and low vizibility conditions.

Sudents undergo high quality, vigorous flight training program to achieve CPL during the period of 4-8 months, depending on student's ability and level of English. Dedicated English courses are available at the academy. After the completion of CPL, students are able to retunr home and start employment at the local aviation companies, flying as First Officers, with an option to upgrade to Captains once their experience reaches a desired level (normally, 1500 hours on type).


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Program Structure

This program is structured in such a way, that every segment leads a young pilot to the ultimate goal: employment in the airlines. The program is divided into fthe ollowing three segments:

1 Enrollment (2 months)  
2 English ICAO-4 certification (1 month) USA
3 PPL, CPL licenses with IR, AMEL, ASEL (4-8 months) USA

All stages of flight training are coducted in the United States to a very high standard by an accredited FTP (flight training provider).

Details about the program segments:

Enrollment. At this stage, student will be required to complete enrollment application form (here >>>) and provide his documents for initial consideration by our company. After application details and document screening, student will be contacted for the initial interview to check his knowledge of English. our requirements are simple: high school diploma (or higher), English knowledge on upper-intermediate level or better, international passport and good health with no disqualifying conditions (see full list of enrollment requirements here >>>) Once all requirements are satisfied, the student will be furnished with the flight training agreement, visa support paperwork, preliminary aviation training study materials and TSA security clearance.

Aviation English. After arrival in the US, students will be required to undergo at least one month of ICAO-4 English training, where they will be able to obtain their ICAO English certification to "Operational" level or higher. Such training will include general Aviation English terminology, Radio-Telephony, and initial aviation theory.

Study. After arrival in the United States at our flight training center, a student will undergo a short FAA pilot medical. After this, student will start his/her theoretical and practical training: ground school and flying. We aim to conduct at least 3-4 hours of ground school every day and 2-3 hours of flight training together with the ground school. The flight training segment will be subdivided into Private, Instrument and Commercial courses, each giving the student a higher aeronautical license and grade.

We are confident, that in view of growing pilot deficit in the World, and a unique and robust nature of our CPL program, Students will be able to obtain professional pilot employment within 2-4 months after completion.


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Flight and Ground Training

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA Here is the summary of what students will get during the flight training stage of our program:

200 hours of total flight time 196 hours ground of school
  76 hours of Private Pilot ground school
  40 hours of Private Pilot flight training
  60 hours of Instrument Rating ground school
  40 hours of Instrument Rating flight training
  60 hours of Commercial Pilot ground school
  120 hours of Commercial Pilot flight training (ASEL/AMEL)



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Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA Students will obtain the following aeronautical licenses:

  PPL Private Pilot License
  CPL Commercial Pilot License
  IR Instrument Rating
  ME Multi-Engine Rating
  SE Single-Engine Rating


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Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA Our FTP is a fully-accredited aeronautical institution of higher learning (a college). That is why, our students receive the highest level of aeronautical education possible: from basic theory of flight classes to advanced aerodynamics workshops. During the entire ATPL program, student will receive over 500 hours of classroom lectures and will be required to undergo another 250 hours of guided self-study (homework) in preparation for the FAA aeronautical knowledge exams from PPL to CPL, CFI and ATPL.

In this program, students will take the following subjects:

Theory of Flight
Basic Aerodynamics
Advanced Aerodynamics
Air Law
Radio Theory
Human Factors
Aircraft Structure
Weight and Balance Computations
Aviation History


The academic credits earned during this course (approx. 32) are regionally and internationally recognized and could be transferred to a local or international colleg or university for accreditation as a part of your higher education (college degree).


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Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA During the primary stage of training, flight students are required to stay at the FTP campus (4-8 months) located in Fort Pierce, Florida. The quality of campus accommodation is comparable to any public American college or university campuses, and includes such amenities as swimming pool, dining hall, air conditioning, cable TV, high speed internet, pilot shop and access to other student services. Students are offered standard shared room accommodation (two people in one room) and have an upgrade option to a non-shared accommodation.

Campus is located only a few minutes walk from the airport and approximately 10-15 minutes from the beach.

Four (4) months of standard (shared) accommodation is included in our CPL program. Additional months of stay is charged at $575.00 per month for shared room and $875 for a private room.


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Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA The price for our CPL flight training program is one of the lowest on the World aviation training market. Here is what's included in the basic package:

есть Four months of campus accommodation
есть Administrative and consulting services
есть M-1 Visa support services


Cost of CPL program for 2015 is: $44924

In addition to the base cost, we offer upgrades and discounts. Some upgrades are required (for example, if you dont have ICAO-4 certification, you will be required to go through ICAO-4 English ground school), some are optional. Also, we offer discounts to already existing ICAO PPL holders, or students who chose to live outside of campus due to family considerations.

All government fees (USCIS, TSA, FAA, SEVIS, etc) + $2050
ICAO-4 Aviation English certification + $550
Holder of current and valid ICAO PPL (discount) - $10207
Out of campus accommodation (discount) - $2600


Additional Services

(Offered only by "Aerocadet")

We also offer a unique range of specialized services for Asian pilots from China, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, India and Hong Kong.

FAA to CAAC/DGCA/DCA license conversion + $3500
International employment support services + $1750


Financial Aid

Raich Aerospace Group LLC Aviator DBA Sovrasco LLC Aerocadet DBA Global Air Ferry DBA Financial Aid for this program is available through Javelin Flight Funds up to 15% of the total flight training cost. Students are expected to pay for the remaining percentage (85%) from the personal funds. Details >>>

Please note: Aerocadet does not provide flight training sponsorships.


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