Full Airline Pilot Program Cost Calculator (Australia)  
    Base cost of flight training package        
    Do you have ICAO 4 English certificate? y/n    
    Is your English on "Upper Intermediate" level or higher? y/n    
    Do you require a student loan (up to 25%, for those who qualify) y/n    
    Do you hold a current ICAO Prival Pilot License? y/n    
    Are you arriving with the famility? (wife and/or kids) y/n    
    Do you require advanced internship as an airline pilot? y/n    
    How many months are you planning to spend in internships? (max 40)      
    Government fees by the FAA, SEVIS, TSA, USCIS:    
    Additional accommodation costs    
    Approximate food cost    
    Total amount of money required to enroll:        
    Approximate total earning as an intern (lowest estimate)        
    Approximate federal taxes    
    Approximate food expenses    
    Basic medical insurance    
    Total cost of flight training program (expenses + income + financing)*        
  Total cost is estimated ONLY.   
  If "Finacial Aid – Y" is selected, the financing cost is calculated at 10% interest rate over 36 months and added to the "Final Program Cost" estimate. Financing in the United States is available ONLY to those who have a US-based cosigner.  

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